Spirituality Advising

Our Advising Appointments begin with simplicity of being healthy, inviting you into each heartfelt moments experience of Divine Nature. Advising assists you re—connection with your Current of Divine Love, “The Force of God.” As an educator and channel of Divine Creator, Andrew provides encouragement and guidance on your journey to healthful vitality. Health is wealth. Andrew encourages your unique spirituality. Our greatest asset is attention. Where is your attention? Who’s Being driver behind your awareness? Instead of attending to a life you unconsciously want (desire without having), start creating a life you truly love. Listen to your still loving voice of heart, vibrational harmony and peace in oneself. Andrew assists remembrance of your authentic Self. Through unified communication and unconditional loving support, we work together creating a strong, healthy and energetic relationship focused in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. All starts with spirit’s voltage, moving into feeling, creating a picture, stimulating a will impulse, receiving an idea, activating a motion —or emotion— and physical affect. Spiritual advising facilitates your awakening and tapping into infinite potential in oneself to create a prosperous healthy life. Andrew offers heartfelt insights intuitively accessed from spirit of compassion, non-resistance and love. Phone appointments offer a heart space of love to raise relationships as your spiritual path, assist your health practice and nourish your life purpose. Spiritual Advising appointments are completed via phone (USA only) and Skype (Internationally).

Scheduling Appointments

Envision what you wish, intend and decide to focus on during our time together. Once you have purchased your session, email wayofbees@gmail.com to schedule your appointment via phone and video (Skype). Andrew is enthusiastic to connect with you!


Canceling with refund and rescheduling your appointment requires 48 hours prior to our appointment. 

Guided by prayer and navigated by ceremony