Participate in an ongoing rediscovery of a profoundly soothing, energizing and harmonizing healing art.

Please read Ancient Way of Health and Hoshindo websites before inquiring about our upcoming Community Clinic.

I felt better than ever after having my first HoShin session with Andrew. Everything became more alive... all of my senses - heightened. Colors more vibrant, the taste of water, sweeter, the beauty of nature... breathtaking. My entire body was awakened, well-being reverberated throughout in a feeling of pure peace, joy and bliss all day. The bees reminded me how good it is to bee! Thank you bees, and thank you Andrew - you are truly a natural-born healer. Highly recommend.
— Sierra

Are you interested in hosting an introduction to Hoshindo?

We invite anyone immediately ready to schedule an initial 90 minute appointment in Sedona, AZ.

Our last session with Andrew was so inspiring, engaging, and enlightening, that by popular demand - we’ve decided to begin a continuing HoShinDo series. Andrew is such a wealth of information, and we are all excited to learn more! All levels of HoShinDo understanding welcome - jump right in to this incredible conversation about this ancient, and extremely rare Eastern healing practice, currently in its very early journey to the West. HoShinDo may offer valuable wisdom for you and your loved ones on the path of healing.
— Synergy Sedona