Our Clinic

Ancient Way of Health was founded in 2017 to help clients in restoring body, mind and soul to healthful vitality, while facilitating consciousness development. Our basic ancient way of health is consuming proper chemistry combined with regenerative cellular purification using tissue-specific botanical formulas. In-person appointments offer ancient healing arts combined with integrated bodywork to relieve stress, restore dynamic balance and reinvigorate our body's innate potential to be healthy, along with empowering and promoting clients in awareness of one’s whole being as well as encouraging clients individual healing path. Those who have sensitivity to bee venom are offered Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki bio-energetic touch, sound healing, and regenerative cleansing appointments.


Nature (God) and our body are healers. Smooth energetic flow (Ki) is central to genuine healing. Breaking down energy making ourselves weaker, and building up energy making ourselves stronger and healthier results from what we feel, think, drink, eat, breathe and apply to our skin. Our bodies innately focus energy where irritation and congestion resides. By moving stagnant energy we enhance circulation of blood and lymph, increase immune, antioxidant, electrolyte and nutritive responses. Hoshin moves stagnant energy, especially in congested and weakened areas, promoting elimination of inflammation and toxicity. As we aid our immune system, we develop our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Hoshin gently guides our immune system home and elevates our consciousness.

Chi Nei Tsang

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) helps detoxify and energize internal organs. CNT Practitioner directly applies pressure on certain points (internal organ reflexes), and simultaneously a recipient applies six healing sounds to purge, colors to tonify, and deep breathing to detoxify. CNT helps to clear emotional and physical obstructions in our abdominal area, complementary to Hoshin as a healing modality bringing energetic balance and vibrational harmony. Andrew approaches Hoshindo and Chi Nei Tsang from a regenerative purification perspective. Self-purification, known as detoxification, is our most essential step to regenerate our physical body, cleansing tissues by way of proper nutritional and botanical support. Raw ripe living fruits, berries, vegetables (salads) and cellular botanical formulas combined with Hoshin Meridian Apitherapy (alive bee venom therapy and bee products) and Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal lymphatic massage) offers a deep cleansing experience. Enjoy experiencing Natures healing modalities as you cleanse, strengthen and recreate your physical, emotional and mental bodies.

Why Purify?

Health is focused upon clean fluids (detoxification) and vibrant cells (regeneration). Regeneration and detoxification are inseparable twin pillars of healthful vitality. Cellular functional ability is regulated by two main body fluids (lymph and blood). Simply, our physical body is mainly lymph and blood fluids, and approximately 100 trillion cells, just as roughly 10 thousand bees (alike our cells) comprise onebeeing in our swarm photo above. If honey bees hive, honeycomb, or propolis becomes congested and contaminated, onebeeing swarms to find a new residence. Natures cleaners (wax moths) proliferate in these dark residue ridden honeycomb, alike parasites thriving in a mucus laden over-acidic and toxic body. Beekeeping practice of removing dark honeycomb and creating space in a beehive is like removing inflammation, over-acidity, toxicity and tissue weakness from a physical body, which is vital to cellular regeneration. Detoxification is nature's science and art of restoring vitality and health to our physical, emotional and mental bodies. Traditionally using Dr. Morse's Herbal formulas is based upon 46+ years of clinical observations and approximately 5000 years of worldwide wisdom. Dr. Morse's Collection of Herbal formulas are available to facilitate our cleansing and healing process. Hoshin Bee Venom Therapy helps restore nerve supply, increase circulation (blood and lymph), and activate our body’s natural healing process. Our practice facilitates individuals Natural Healing process, and extends beyond our clinic throughout Northern Arizona by creating bee sanctuaries. As your physical body is cleansed, your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies benefit.

We recommend experiencing multiple one-hour appointments in a month in support of maximum healing potential.