We The Living People

The death-force has been default-mode, motivated by what I want and what’s in it for me, creating a micromanaged artificial arena devoid of soul and spirit with no space for life. Climate shifts, man-made radiation sources, electromagnetic fields, environmental toxins, and other invasions in natural order hinders soil organisms, animals, plants and trees we rely on for life. We focus on creating space for living and fostering life force, enhancing all living and becoming beings within our bio systems. As conductors we create arenas supportive of life and life begets life.

Healer Bee Sanctuaries

Honey Bees are an indivisible entity, one whole being. Our focus is co-creation of life-enhancing Healer Bee Sanctuaries, founded in reviving life force, clarity of intention, unified decision, heart soul and spiritual action. Bees are wholly giving in order to raise our ecosystem into wholeness.

We are exploring ways of awakening active balance and harmony in our bio system, and bees are a keystone being. Tools have been created to help organize our love. Our greatest land therapies in our healing process of earth are sacred buffalo gesture, cow, earthworm, and Bien (super-organism). What have been called invasive weeds are pioneering indicators and messengers healing disruption we have done, alike ‘Africanized’ bees who are messengers healing disharmony we have created! By honoring our breathing living atmosphere and earth, we are fostering an arena for life and other ‘entities’ to thrive.

Hosting Honey Bees

Our performance is a labor of love and life. Our lives depend upon bees and beneficial microorganisms, who connect and create relationships. Symbiotic relationships are primary in our lives, founded upon peaceful communication, clarity of intention, comprehension, camaraderie and cooperation creating synergistic fluidity. Bees perform biodiversity restoration as bio-energetic carriers and conduits of life, emanating subtle energy and moving microbiome throughout our bio system. Our motive behind any strategy to foster health of microbial, plant, tree, insect and animal needs to be improving and regenerating pollinator habitats. In order for our body to be wholly healthy, we must account for health of our whole agricultural organism. Fostering health of animals such as bees encourages plants, trees, and microorganisms. As we grow flowering plants and trees, life begets life.

Hosting Bees on your Land

We receive access to ranches, fruit forests and creekside lands to host honey bees in appropriate habitats. We will setup one or more beehives on your property, providing homes (not honey-producing) in addition to enhancing plant/tree flowering and fruiting. We will check on beehives as needed. Be an active bene-factor in our creation of order. Our labor of love serves to bring life into our system.

Summoning Swarms

Indigenous beings of our Southwest summon rain in times of drought and bio-dynamic gardeners sequentially spray energetic preparations to initiate rain. Instead of imposing hives upon bees, we can focus on summoning swarms into hives, granting bees freedom in selecting a new resonant residence. In northern Arizona, we install empty hives to welcome swarming bees. We ask. We acknowledge. We give gratitude in support of all life.

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Grow in relationship with our living whole.

Cultivate a loving relationship with life.


Red encompasses Little Colorado River and Green encompasses Verde River watershed. Red and Green Bioregion refers to two watersheds connected to the Mogollon Rim.

We help residents of Flagstaff, Oak Creek Canyon, Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Cornville, Cottonwood, Camp Verde and RimRock Area

We provide honey bee swarm and unwanted beehive removal services. Call Andrew (928) 592-2048

Winslow swarms

Call Patrick Pynes (928) 600-1193

I called upon Andrew to assist me in re-homing a swarm that found itself in a friend’s neighborhood. It was my first time interacting directly with a swarm, and Andrew handled the bees with such profound care and calm. Witnessing him and receiving his guidance in how to navigate this marvelous process turned into one of the most beautiful experiences of my life! If you need any kind of help with bees, call Andrew and witness the beauty that unfolds.
— Grace
Andrew has a profound love for the bee’s. The only one I would trust for caring conscious bee relocation!🐝
— Donna

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