Hoshin apitherapy upon meridians

We work by way of Nature. Hoshin Meridian Apitherapy is spiritual awakening of body, mind, heart and spirit. As Keepers of Bees and Hoshindo Practitioners, we are helping Bees and human Beings reach Destiny.

Japanese HoShin is a classical art form applying principles of traditional Nihon East Asian healing, unique clinical techniques, ceremonial practices of Hoshindo, organic beekeeping and offerings of Bee Venom, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen, Raw Honey and Beeswax. Bee offerings are utilized in a process of moving Ki/Chi, restoring circulation, alleviating pain, reducing swelling and promoting self-healing. Hoshin is a gentle tapping technique with a barbed bee stinger lightly catching our epidermis, emitting micro amounts of bee venom directly on skin surfaces, based upon patients concerns, pulses, and HoShin Protocol.

East Asian research indicates known points on meridians as conductors of electronic signals. Hoshin transmits regenerative signals through our body's energy channels, eliciting rapid healing responses to injuries and traumas. Our immune system identifies bee venom as foreign protein, mobilizing protective forces, breaking down bee venom at sting sites and eliciting warming sensations. A complex and gentle sequential reaction is created by our body’s restorative ability. Bees health-giving properties awaken our body to heal itself. HoShin is a way of quietly guiding a compromised immune system to find its way home.

The profoundly spiritual feminine principles of Hoshindo intertwined with the medicinal techniques enfolded within its ancient matrix, hold a sublime concept of the oneness of all consciousness and a unique potential of health for ‘mother` earth and her children. HoShin weaves together a rich and colorful tapestry of energetic quantum fields theory combined with ancient systems of healing with the Medicines of the Bee and the traditional practices of East Asian healing arts.
— Voyce Durling-Jones, Hoshindo Sensei