HoShin Meridian Apitherapy Protocol

A Health History (Akashi) is completed, followed by dialogue regarding primary concerns. A simple preliminary bee venom sensitivity test is administered. Hoshin Practitioner (Ryoho) listens to twelve pulses on wrists (Pulse Akashi), and based on traditional Hoshin Five Elements an initial plan is determined. Hoshin continues with Ryoho lightly tapping a vibrating honey bee stinger at certain points along meridians. While Hoshin is a painless bee venom therapy, it may generate slight tingling sensations. As appointments unfold, our body begins releasing soothing endorphins, generating a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. Recipients of Hoshin experience beneficial changes in all four pillars: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

 Andrew Crawford, Hoshindo Practitioner, offers a most magical treatment. He works in total consort with the energy and medicine of the honey bee. The Way of the Bee is profound! Hoshin apitherapy uses the honeybee stinger for bio-tapping specific points on your body’s meridians. The honey bee medicine acts as the transmitter of information that heals and balances. Enjoy!
— Marianna Hartsong, PhD Trager, Mentastics and Feldenfrais
Hoshindo Healing Arts

HoShindo and Lyme Support

HoShindo Practitioners in the Americas, Canada and Europe.

Chi Nei Tsang

Breath and Bee Bodywork

Appointments focused in Chi Nei Tsang, breath harmonics, Reiki bioenergetic touch, axiatonal chakra activation, aromatherapy, crystal, color and sound healing enhance Hoshin Apitherapy.

Andrew! You’re amazing! I really appreciate all your help and light in this world. Here’s some feedback on the abdominal massage. Would undoubtedly recommend to anyone I was really impressed, and felt in such great care, by the comprehensive approach of the work. To begin, the studio is truly one of the most beautiful & uniquely crafted spaces of healing I’ve ever experienced; constructed with this grandfather wood, of a tree just exactly designed for facilitating health restoration, infiltrating it with such clear energy and potential for transformation, making it feel like you’ve entered grandmothers womb. My soul was truly at rest. Then there’s the property in which the studio is surrounded, trellised redrock canals of an eclectic (and surprising) array of plant life, an additional acre of flourishing forms vibrantly cocreating with the birds, and especially bees. The place is a dream. Then the intake form is addressed. Questions like “what brings you in/what feels imbalanced/needs healing” etc. And fear not, answer as honestly as possible. You’re only met with compassion, and a thorough explanation of the philosophy of the work and how it will aid healing with your specific health needs. Then the actual treatment: Incredibly calming and soothing. The massage table was super comfy. The touch was gentle, but the effects powerful. I believe some version of Reiki was involved too? It was all Divine. And With the bulk of the attention on breathe and the abdominal region, I very much appreciated the opportunity to feel more connected to my gut! Get to know my organs a bit more & how it relates to Chinese medicine and thy intuition. Then it was followed up with the performance of this wildly beautiful soft percussive bell like instrument, creating the most peaceful symphony, and vocal accompaniment with another tool I was unfamiliar with at the time, similar to a Chinese hand fan with some kind of burning incense. The whole thing was such a treat. Truly magical. Thank you so much for the amazing student of life you are, for following your heart and carrying on and sharing this truly incredible lineage of healing work. You’re a blessing and I am so very grateful for your gift and services.
— Ideana, Reiki Practitioner & Health Enthusiast

Remote Healing

Andrew offers domestic and international energetic assistance.

Star of Infinity

Spiritual Advising

Andrew offers domestic and international spiritual assistance.