Ancient Way of Health helps a diverse clientele including naturopathic practitioners, organic farmers, yoga instructors, professional athletes, artists and musicians.

Andrew is a true wizard and an exceptional being. His pure energy and open heart create an amazing safe space for relaxation and healing. His deep knowledge and wisdom coupled with the unconditional love that he exudes create magic and make you feel deeply touched, relaxed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Andrew.
— Zaneta Tasnerova
I have received several Hoshindo sessions with Andrew, and he brings a delightful presence and sense of wisdom as he facilitates profound inquiry that allows healing to take place. Together with the medicine of the honey bees, I feel uplifted and a profound sense of well-being in receiving treatment. I usually seek treatment for physical pain, but I always walk away pain-free with the additional bonus of spiritual, mental and emotional insights that I did not know I was searching for. The thought of working with Andrew brings a smile to my face. I highly recommend him and the profound healing gift of Hoshindo.
— Madeline Grace, multimedia Performer & Healing Artist
Andrew is a highly skilled, compassionate, and kind practitioner with keen intuition, integrity, and wisdom. It is visible his heart is devoted to creating the highest healing experience possible in an individual session. I have experienced miraculous healing effects as a result of two sessions of Hoshin Japanese Meridian Apitherapy with Andrew. I felt physical issues I have been dealing with for several years melting away like ice in a Summer day after the first session, relieving major tension and rebalancing my nervous system. Each healing application was done in a very gentle, precise manner and stimulated blissful sensations through my mind and body. As the flow of life energy activated my body in each session, I witnessed mental and emotional alignment to the light essence of my soul. The reflection of this essence resulted in a deeply peaceful, grounding, and glowing sense of self. It felt amazing! I am thankful to have experienced Andrew’s consciousness and way of being holding space in a beautiful way for pure love to arise in my being. I would encourage others to be open to the healing process that is available through this energy therapy.
— Ania, Holistic Group Therapist, Yoga Instructor & Energy Healer
I had the privilege and honor of doing a healing session with Andrew. I was amazed at his vast knowledge and felt deeply that he was called to this work to help heal others. I was relaxed and comfortable as he worked on me. I felt the healing benefits immediately after our session was completed and continued to over the following week. Andrew took the time to explain in depth what he was doing. His passion for the work he does was palpable. Andrew is a rare soul and starseed that truly cares about others and has a magical frequency to help others shift and heal quickly. I highly recommend his work and service!
— Kim Hoyer, Meditation & Yoga Director
I’ve now received several very enjoyable Abdominal massages as well as bee therapy & can truly notice the benefits of treatments. I am super thankful for the professionalism Ancient Way of Health provides to me during a healing session & how recovered/relaxed I feel afterwards which helps me perform more efficiently being an Expert/Pro mountain bike racer & national off-road motocross athlete! This is a true way to overcome health issues instead of getting random pharmaceutical products. I’ll definitely be continuing to bring my business to AWOH.
— Johnny Eason, Professional Athlete and Gardener/Landscaper
I’ve received two Hoshindo sessions with Andrew and both of them were extremely powerful. I highly recommend this for anyone who is ready to shift blocked energy and experience major transformations. The medicine received from bees is a gift and incredible blessing to take into your body. Both sessions ended in powerful dream clearings the following nights which have impacted my life in unexpected and incredible ways.
— Rachel, Designer & Entrepreneur
Andrew is truly a gifted and dedicated healer with high integrity, in depth knowledge, wisdom, and skill. In addition, he is highly intuitive and heart centered. I highly recommend his sessions to anyone whose goal is healing and transformation!
— Turiya Summer, Yoga Guide
Where to start with Andrews essence and healing qualities. I met him at the grocery store. The day we hugged and i felt his open heart energy. I knew he was a healer... I felt as if my tummy was being sent to divine source as Andrew massaged the area. He skillfully and energetically did exceptional work. What happened next my mind couldn’t comprehend. The wind gates opened and i was reborn as a self with a renewed sense of being. My consciousness changed with clarity, love, and peace. I layed there in awe. Getting up i felt like a being of transformative energy and the world was subtle yet wooden to touch. Dipping in cold creek afterwards was ideal. In short i highly recommend Andrew and his work. He has a gift, and gifted me with being comfortable being who i am at the core . What a gift.
— Arsim, Founder of ZMAG, owned and operated by Quantum Experience
Andrew is the most pure being I’ve ever encountered, and so the space he holds in wholeness, self realization & infinite healing is magnificently vast & beyond anyone I’ve ever experienced! I only fully grasped this after the first abdonimal session I received from him. Each time was vastly different & unique to what my body/soul is ready to release and allow according to my over-soul blueprint. Each session feels like a rebirth as meridians opened, neuro-pathways reconnected and aligned on infinite levels beyond the physical plane. Before these sessions, I had felt this underlying anxiety all the time. I had a lot of chaos and anger from being suppressed for ages. The 2nd and 3rd session really helped me to release these toxic emotions stuck in my body. I was able to actually SEE them playing out & how they were effecting me and those I love, and I released deeply in heart-wrenching tears intensely with a higher level of forgiveness I’d never experienced before. After I cried for awhile and had visions of all the ways i was choosing to live in fear, I was connected with the whales and dolphins to sooth me which was just indescribably comforting & activating - opening me up to new dimensions of myself & connections to healing. I was laughing by the end of the session in pure joy. I now am feeling my natural sense of joy all the time that I haven’t felt since I was a child. Andrew also holds the vibration of the bees “unity consciousness”, he embodies it! Andrew is a gift, and his sessions are truly empowering, healing, transforming and opening on the deepest levels. A session is only for those ready for REAL transformation. If you’re not ready for true change or afraid of it, then you may wish to continue using your same avoiding techniques and remain numb and comfortable. Expect miracles of rebirth & meeting yourself on a higher, super cosmic level. It’s like coming out of a dark tunnel to meet your own highest light and shine your brightest.
— YoLanda Curtis, Yogini, Earth Beat Yoga Hikes Instructor, Designer & Writer
Andrew is devoted and dedicated to a full spiritually integrated vocational path and genuinely wants to serve others by facilitating healing. While naturally guided to his work as revealed to him, his dedication shows through continuous study, commitment to professionalism, and the building of his practice. Andrew’s intelligence is evidenced by his keen curiosity and awakened sensitivities to the natural world around him. Andrew is one of the most knowledgeable persons on bees I have ever met. He serves and cares for the bees on his land and recognizes the integral life-giving function that bees provide to our earth. As I’ve learned from Andrew, bees can provide a high level of healing and nutrition. One of Andrew’s gifts is his subtle energy awareness and sensitivity, which is core to his work. Andrew draws from the teachings of ancient Asian traditions, which he enthusiastically applies to his ability to perceive and heal with Qi energy, balancing and clearing. Also, Andrew has an amazingly warm and open heart. In your session with Andrew you will be met with kindness, compassion and will feel uplifted by a remarkable healing experience.
— Rick Baker, Mindfulness Guide
Hoshindo is an ancient, sacred art of healing using gentle, relatively painless taps along meridians in the body from the stingers of honeybees. My understanding is that it was the precursor of acupuncture; somewhere along the line, someone must have run out of bees and decided to use needles, although needles are less effective and more artificial. Receiving nature’s healing from the honeybee is an experience unlike any other, and a profound one. Even apart from the enormous medicine of the bees, Andrew Crawford, the practitioner, is one of those extremely rare powerful and true healers - an intuitive & connected person without judgment and, as others have written, one possessing a welcoming and open heart. He is a Light Bee-ing of the highest order. Hoshindo is especially good for pain, Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis, issues involving sinuses, joints, muscles, bones, nerves, skin, and more: the entire body benefits. And hey, it’s even organic and gluten-free! Do give it a try. You will be pleased with the results.
— Director at Academy for Professional Hypnosis