CNT is a unique hands-on maintenance system, and a practice anyone can do.

Chi Nei Tsang appointment


CNT is Asian Bodywork, the art of abdominal massage, known as Internal Organs Chi Massage, focused on detoxifying, strengthening, and energizing our internal biological system in order to live wholly and healthfully. Chi Nei Tsang purpose and philosophy is educating another how to heal oneself, and offering insights into internal omnipotent healing Chi accessible by all. Practicing basic CNT at home facilitates our healing process. As abdominal tangles/knots are released and organs detoxified through practice, we begin focusing our appointments on releasing unhealthy "winds." Together we work to restore smooth circulating Chi/healthy "winds." Advanced CNT is alike opening windows to clear stagnant "wind," while enhancing healthy energy flow. CNT is tissue/organ massage and wind release techniques. CNT is applied Qigong (energy skill) and longevity practice, relieving abdominal pain, improving sleep, increasing energy, enhancing physical/emotional digestion, aiding metabolism and elimination.

There was a lot of tension stored in my belly, I could feel that for sure. And during the core work I felt such a loving intention coming through these gentle hands that I could let go of the tension that I had been storing for so long and I could totally relax. Also sparkles of fun were felt during the session which left me feeling inspired, lighter and relaxed afterwards. Thank you for fun and feeling good!
— Stefanie Leysner, Voice Liberation Therapist

Breath and Bee Bodywork appointment


Chi Nei Tsang, Qigong, meditation, nutritional/botanical support and Hoshin are long life practices. Hoshin is alike opening curtains to let light fill a home with warmth/love, while opening windows to clear stagnant energy and restore smooth Chi flow.

Chi Nei Tsang and Hoshin are arts of listening to our energetic body. Hoshin Apitherapy administers venom via a Bee stinger according to our Traditions Five Phase Japanese technique of micro-tapping and meridian balancing. Accumulatively and complementarily, Chi Nei Tsang and HoShin Apitherapy offer a profound sense of supportive care and rejuvenation.

Chi Nei Tsang, Breath and Hoshin bee venom therapy appointments may also include axiatonal chakra activation, Reiki bio-energetic touch, crystal, color, and sound healing to enhance Hoshin.

You are as young as you are abdominal.
— Master Chia