Andrew is one of the most conscientious, caring, enthusiastic and knowledgeable young men I have ever met. He was born and raised in this region of Arizona and he knows and loves this land in a way that makes his teachings inspiring and easy to comprehend. Andrew is connected to the plants in a way which goes way beyond his clinical knowledge. He understands permaculture and the necessities of all things working together in harmony, along with his knowledge of plants as living beings, each with its own unique and wondrous properties. Andrew’s relationship with his environment in which the plants thrive, exemplifies his deep respect, love and gratitude for all living things. Andrew is a wonderful teacher and medicine maker for so many reasons, one being that he truly loves and truly lives everything he speaks about. He definitely walks his talk, which is a rare thing these days. I was honored to have him as my apprentice, even if only for a short while; and I must admit, I feel like Andrew taught me more about the plants of Arizona than I was able to teach him about herbal medicine making. I guess it was a win/win! Thanks Andrew! You are a special guy and anyone who has the opportunity to work with you will find themselves truly blessed!
— Heidi Berkovitz, Clinical Herbalist, Masseuse & Educator

Health is our whole-union of body, mind and soul.


Japanese Hoshin Meridian Apitherapy

Trained by Voyce Durling-Jones Sensei in Santa Fe, New Mexico at Hoshindo Healing Arts Institute, Andrew Crawford began practicing Japanese Meridian Apitherapy as a certified Practitioner (Ryoho) and founded Ancient Way of Health in 2017. Hoshindo is The Way of The Bee, designated by Heaven, devoted to assisting living beings and loving Nature (Heaven). Ancient Way of Health works closely with clients, assisting in your ‘natural’ healing process, facilitating wellbeing, healthy environments, loving relationships and unifying decisions.

Cultural Code of Ceremonial Practices

Sensei and Ryoho actively live by The Way of The Bee within cultural code of ceremony, fine art, sound, mantra and meditation. Hoshindo ceremonial practices include sacred sound healing, fanning techniques with Southern healing fan, crystalline energy, and Zensho Japanese Calligraphy.

Chi Nei Tsang complements Hoshindo

Andrew is a certified Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner. CNT is our ancient form of energizing, detoxifying abdominal massage. Chi Nei Tsang is simply translated as “Chi Into Internal Organs” and “Internal Organs Chi Transformations.” CNT integrates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual realms of our being. Chi Nei Tsang is our foundational Taoist longevity practice assisting profoundly deep healing, by working directly on energy obstructions and dysfunctions. CNT is applied Qigong (energy skill) and relaxed meditation aiding our body, soul, and spiritual awakening. 

Detoxification Specialist

Andrew is a Detoxification Specialist, certified by International School of Detoxification (Dr. Robert Morse, ND) 8/22/2019.

Top Bar Beekeeping and Biodiversity

Organic Top Bar Beekeeping, aligned with East Asian concept of nature and spirituality in Hoshindo, focuses on regeneration of bee ecology and biodiversity. Ancient Way of Health was created to help feral Bees and honor Bees essentiality in our health. Bees are remedial life-giving agents to tree, plant, soil, atmosphere, and the people, guiding beings into wholeness and energetic balance. Andrew is an experienced organic gardener and beekeeper since 2012, enthusiastically living in symbiotic communion with bee, microbiome, nature, and living beings. Andrew maintains beehives in support of our clinic.

Contact Andrew to request bee removal assistance in Sedona, Verde Valley, Oak Creek Canyon and Flagstaff, AZ

Become A Bee Host

Lands are dedicated to learning from bees, living with bees and cultivating land in support of bees, fostering our Hoshin practice. Restoring biodiversity promotes symbiotic loving relationships, healthy lives and lands. Bees are moved from hive and swarm site to new homes at designated sanctuaries.

There are very few of your species on Earth at this time, and even fewer who are brought to do the kind of work before you, which is in part to explode and manipulate new openings of Light and bring them to both the plant/earth/bee kingdoms and also to the people who are ready to accept a new healing and wholeness. Upon reflection, it is almost as if you are not wholly human, but also part Earth being—profoundly connected to the Devas (the souls of plants, etc.) and one with them—and yet you are one of Light Beings of the highest order: a very curious and delightful merger of energies in this person I know as Andrew.
— Hoshin Bee Venom Therapy & Chi Nei Tsang Client