Why attend our retreats

Our retreats are designed to foster participants authentic wellbeing. Andrew offers healing arts retreats to inspire a regenerative life, working with you to create energizing heartfelt experiences and spiritual awakenings.

Individual appointments may include

Hoshin Meridian bee venom therapy
Chi Nei Tsang abdominal massage
Chi Nei Tsang breath and bee bodywork
Chakra, color and crystalline energy
Reiki bio-energetic touch

HoShindo appointments

Hoshindo is an ancient Japanese practice of applying honey bee venom at certain points (tsubos) upon our meridians. Hoshin assists our body in regaining strength and dynamic balance (from Lyme, M.S. arthritis, etc).

HoShin in support of Lyme patients

Biweekly appointments or seven-to-ten day intensives are our most effective protocols in support of individuals with Lyme. Individuals and groups who do not live by a Hoshin Practitioner are encouraged to attend retreats.

Health History Akashi

 During our initial intake we dialogue about an individual’s health history, followed by a sensitivity test. One hour Hoshin sessions may include Reiki bio-energetic touch, Zokushindo, healing sound with voice, bees frequencies and fanning.   

Sensitivity Test  

Two painless micro bee venom taps are applied on either side of the navel testing sensitivity. Sensitivity test continues with receiving pulses in accordance with Hoshin Five Elements of East Asian healing, observing your flow of Ki/Chi. According to a patient's sensitivity, pulse reading, concerns and symptoms, Hoshindo is applied. Breath, Reiki and Sound healing with voice finalize our session.

Chi Nei Tsang appointments

We recommend CNT abdominal massage every second day of your retreat. CNT detoxification massage is foundational in assisting the elimination of toxins and balancing the body's subtle energy flows.


Activities together may include 

Organic gardening/permaculture and clothing
Plant and tree essential oils and waters
Bee ceremony and sacred heart space
Arising sun rituals and daily routines
Transforming breath and Qigong
Bees highly coherent field of love
Inspiring detoxification
Heartfelt relationships
Toning with voice

Activities in-between appointments

Sunbathing, stargazing and earthing
Mountain biking and road cycling
Swimming in Oak Creek
Yin Yoga and Hot yoga
Qigong and Tai Chi
Walking and hiking
Float tank soaking
Find a sweat lodge
Steam room/sauna

Retreat plan example

7:00am Garden Gathering
8:00am Fruits and Berries Breakfast
8:30-10:00am Private appointment
10:00-11:00am Nature
11:00-12:30pm Private appointment
12:30-2:00pm- Fruits and Vegetables Lunch
2:00-3:00pm Nature
3:00-4:30pm Private appointment
4:44-6:00pm Communion circle
6:00-6:30pm Fruits and Vegetables Supper

Recommended Lodging

Airbnb Accommodations

Andrew lives next door and is helpful if you have questions, and is also offers bee therapy and reiki/chakra alignment sessions. Wonderful people, and a wonderful place.
— Jasmine
Andrew, on-site practitioner of HoShin Meridian Apitherapy and Chi Nei Tsang, is incredible!!! We were able to book sessions with him during our stay and both of us had profound healing and transformational experiences. Feeling extremely blessed to have found this beautiful home away from home in our beloved Sedona.
— Rachel
This is a very special gem found in a very covenant spot in Sedona. We were pleasantly surprised with this gracious retreat and found it to be clean, comfortable and had everything stocked to make our stay easy. I highly recommend the opportunity to schedule a healing session with co-host; Andrew, he is a gifted Hoshindo Practitioner and a very knowable young man. If this listing is available I recommend you look no further.
— Eva
I felt a deep connection with myself, the others and All That Is. I was in tears of joy at the opening and left feeling profound gratitude for what I’ve experienced. The content of the event is unique and beyond words, you have to experience it. It was the most heart-opening and soul-expanding group gathering I’ve ever been to! I can’t recommend it highly enough to everyone.
— Rachel Johnson

Ask Andrew about hosting a retreat at your sanctuary or a specific destination.

”There is a place unlike anywhere else on earth. Where you can walk among red giants. Where crystal streams double as the fountain of youth, a place where your spirit will soar, and your heart will race. Where a simple stroll can turn into the adventure of a lifetime.”

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